Friday, February 10, 2012


I am pretty sure there can be hundreds of reason for Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) to deny that there is nothing wrong about the on-going Asian Cycling Championships (ACC) in Velodrome Kuala Lumpur. Lack of funds are the obvious complaints but to me, the overall view of the ACC is disgusting! Clearly the preparations for the Asian track cycling most prestigious event is not up to mark, bad for Asia and most importantly bad for Malaysia. I first got the glimpse of the competition site via Live telecast on local sports channel, Arena. When I decided to see it first hand during the sprint finals this morning(February 10), I cant help cursing myself in shame. Every Malaysian should be ashamed of the state of Velodrome Kuala Lumpur. MNCF, or the whole of Malaysia, would have at least respected the presence of top Asian track cycling stars such as the Kazunari Watanabe of Japan, the Zhang brothers from China, or at least our very own world class Azizulhasni Awang and Fatehah Mustapha, by putting up a decent lay-out and landscape of the championships. Its terrible! Looked even worse on television. Are we kidding ourselves by pronouncing that Malaysian is truly developing nation. In the case of the poorly prepared ACC in Kuala Lumpur, I would say Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines would do a much better job for sure. Perhaps, Malaysia's shambling and shanty look ACC venue this year, looks to rival Indonesia (similar to some of their SEA Games venues di Palembang last year). I would not agree if only MNCF were to be blamed...its the whole country! KL City Hall, Sports Ministry, National Sports Council, Olympic Council of Malaysia and others, should also take responsibility. For heaven's sake, it doesnt take that much to put a better looking venue for an Asian level sports championships. I mean, the overall view of the competition is plain lousy and shameful! Go see it yourself...

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